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​​​The pages in this section provide the framework for how ETFO is governed and what it sets out to accomplish on behalf of its members.  Its mission is defined in its statement of objects and in its yearly priorities.

The Objects and Priorities of ETFO

Every organization has objectives that define its purpose and guide its work. The objects of ETFO are contained in the organization’s Constitution.

  • The objects of the Federation shall be:

    to regulate relations between employees and employer, including but not limited to securing and maintaining, through collective bargaining, the best possible terms and conditions of employment;
    to advance the cause of education and the status of teachers and educational workers;
    to promote a high standard of professional ethics and a high standard of professional competence;
    to foster a climate of social justice in Ontario and continue a leadership role in such areas as anti-poverty, non-violence, and equity;
    to promote and protect the interests of all members of the Federation and the students in their care;
    to promote and defend the health and safety of members in the workplace; and
    to co-operate with other organizations in Ontario, Canada, and elsewhere, having the same or like objects. ​

While the programs and services of ETFO are designed with these objects in mind, each year at the Annual Meeting the membership sets the priorities of ETFO for the upcoming school year.​

ETFO Priorities for 2018-2019

  • To protect the local and provincial collective bargaining rights of all members.

  • To defend publicly-funded public education.

  • To serve the needs of the membership.

  • To provide for the professional development of members.

  • To promote social justice in the areas of peace, anti-poverty, non-violence, and equity.

  • To promote the economic and labour rights of all workers.

  • To support international assistance and co-operation.

  • To promote the care and protection of the environment.

  • To actively engage members in the Federation and labour movement.

  • To promote and protect the health and safety of members, both physically and psychologically. ​