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Anti-Black racism must be challenged and eliminated

June 10, 2021

Given the legacy and current prevalence of anti-Black racism in colonial systems, institutions and society, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) remains committed to creating professional learning, curriculum resources and policies that challenge and eliminate anti-Black racism everywhere. We will not stand by idly as ETFO members experience racism in their workplace or in their capacity as union leaders.

ETFO will continue to take action to dismantle racism and white supremacy to ensure everyone’s right to a safe and inclusive workplace is protected. Only real structural change and an authentic commitment to eradicating anti-Black racism and oppression in all its forms can achieve this. 

We recognize the importance of understanding how anti-Black racism affects members in their workplaces. By engaging Black and racialized members in the Federation, ETFO will be better able to support members, and Black and racialized students.

We remain committed to reviewing policies, organizational structures, and practices to identify and eliminate any systemic or participatory barriers for Black and racialized members. Promoting equity and social justice in our union and in our communities remains a key priority.

We support members who come forward to share their experiences as we know it will help us to continue to address and disrupt systemic racism within the education sector and our own systems. 

To learn about ETFO’s multi-year strategy focused on creating systemic changes to confront anti-Black racism and provide a more welcoming and inclusive union environment for Black members at provincial and local levels, visit

For more information, contact Carla Pereira, ETFO Media Relations, 416-576-9074,