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Project Overseas Testimonials

​Michael Beetham (Waterloo Teacher Local):

My participation in Project Overseas (four projects in Sierra Leone) has been one of the most influential experiences in my personal and professional life. I am a better teacher, father, husband and global citizen. 

I have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a reciprocal professional development opportunity where I was able to share teaching pedagogy with my union brothers and sisters while enhancing my teaching and classroom practice from the learning I took home. In addition, Project Overseas has been a wonderful vehicle to develop relationships that enhance the global understanding in my students. 

Cheryl Sheffield (Ontario North East Teacher Local):

St. Lucians are among the friendliest and most appreciative people I have ever met. The teachers are dedicated and motivated individuals that value professional development and collaborative efforts, and aspire to improve their educational practises and be their best. 

During my “Project Overseas” placement, it was I who gained a wealth of understanding from these amazing colleagues and friends. An experience like this solidifies one’s understanding of the inequalities that exist in our world and sends a strong reminder of how fortunate we are here in Canada. I am appreciative. ​