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What is ETFO’s Professional Relations Services (PRS)?

How can PRS assist me as an educator?​

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Professional Relations Services (PRS)

Staff in Professional Relations Services (PRS) are available to provide information, advice, support and intervention for members who are experiencing professional difficulties.

This service is confidential and no action will be taken without the member’s knowledge and permission.
Local presidents and workplace stewards are encouraged to contact Professional Relations Staff (PRS) at the provincial office when assistance is needed to advise and support members.

Professional Relations Staff (PRS) at the provincial office may involve legal counsel with members in accordance with ETFO Policy Guidelines.

Member Protection

Here are some of the areas in which PRS staff provides support to ETFO members:

  • Teacher Performance Appraisals (TPA), Designated Early Childhood Educators (DECE) Performance Appraisals (DPA), Professional Support Personnel (PSP)/Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Evaluations and Occasional Teacher Evaluations
  • Annual Learning Plans/Professional Learning Plans
  • CAS/Criminal allegations related to employment responsibilities
  • Difficulties with students, other staff, parents and school administrators
  • Duty to Report and obligations under the Child and Family Services Act
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) complaints
  • College of Early Childhood Educator (CECE) complaints
  • Continuous Professional Learning Program (CPL)
  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Maternity and parental leaves
  • Human Rights/Harassment/Discrimination
  • Long Term Disability (LTD)
  • Resignations and terminations
  • Return to work/accommodation issues
  • Mental health and sick leave
  • Professional Judgement
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board matters (WSIB)
  • Health and Safety
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Professional Boundaries


Member Education

Preventing professional difficulties is a major objective of ETFO. Professional Relations Services staff have developed a broad range of resources, conferences and workshops to assist members in understanding their rights and responsibilities.

PRS Matters Bulletins

PRS Matters is a regular publication devoted to topics which affect members – for example, professionalism, professional boundaries, allegations, conflict resolution, performance appraisal, bullying and cyber bullying, reporting workplace accidents, voluntary extra-curricular activities, electronic communication. PRS Matters is mailed to all local presidents and school stewards and to members through the ETFO e-newsletter. PRS Matters can also be accessed by going to and clicking on “Advice for Members.”

CAS/Criminal Allegations

If you are contacted by the police or Children’s Aid Society (CAS) regarding an allegation against you:

  1. Do not participate in or consent to an interview.
  2. Make no statement to anyone regarding the allegation/charges.
  3. State that: “I am willing to cooperate but I am unable to comment until I contact my Federation and legal counsel.”
  4. Call ETFO Professional Relations Services staff at 416-962-3836 or 1-888-838-3836 and state that your call is urgent.

“After hours” Emergency Assistance


  • Police (or CAS) are on the scene
  • You are facing criminal charges for an alleged criminal offence directly related to the performance of your professional duties
  • You are at risk of being arrested or incarceration


Call the numbers listed above – a voice message will provide the necessary instructions to put you through to an operator. You will be asked a few quick questions and where appropriate, a criminal lawyer will be contacted and you will be connected immediately.
Remember PRS Staff are available to assist members on a wide range of topics.

For further information contact Professional Relations Staff at 416-962-3836 or 1-888-838-3836 at the provincial office.