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Teacher Organizations


ETFO and OTF ​

ETFO is one of four affiliates that make up the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF). The other three are

    1. l'Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO),
    2. the Ont​ario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA), and
    3. the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF).

ETFO has representatio​n on the OTF Board of Governors and the OTF Executive. OTF is the official voice of all teachers in Ontario in dealings with the Minister of Education on certain issues including the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

The Ontario Teachers' Federation was established by the Teaching Profession Act of 1944 as the professional organization for teachers in the province. All teachers (as defined by the Teaching Profession Act) are required to belong to the Federation as a condition of teaching in Ontario.

This diagram shows the hierarchy of Teacher Organizations that ETFO and other affiliates in Ontario below to.  

Teacher Federations/OrganizationsThe four member organizations retain their individual autonomy within OTF.  As a result, each teacher in Ontario has membership in one of the Affiliates as well as in the Ontario Teachers' Federation.  Each Affiliate works within its own constitution and sends representatives to the OTF Board of Governors, which is the governing body of OTF.

OTF is the official voice of Ontario teachers in dealings with the Minister of Education on a number of issues including the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

Canadian Teachers' Federation

OTF is a member of the Canadian Teachers' Federation and sends representatives to national, international, and provincial educational conferences.

Active at the interprovincial, national, and international levels, the Canadian Teachers' Federation is the national voice of Canadian teachers in promoting quality education, the status of teachers, and equality of opportunity through education.  CTF coordinates and facilitates the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and skills among its 15 provincial/territorial member/affiliate member organizations, which collectively represent approximately 300,000 teachers.