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FAQ on Regulation 274

Ontario Regulation 274/12 was filed by the provincial government on September 11, 2012 under the Education Act. The regulation establishes steps all publicly-funded school boards are required to follow when hiring for long-term occasional (LTO) and new permanent teaching positions.

The government has indicated that the purpose of Ontario Regulation 274/12 is “to promote a consistent, transparent and fair hiring process for long-term and permanent occasional teachers.”1

Under the regulation, school boards must establish and maintain two occasional teacher lists:

  • a roster of occasional teachers (or “roster”); and
  • a long-term occasional teachers’ list (or “LTO list”).

An occasional teacher’s ranking on the roster is based on seniority. The roster must include the names of all occasional teachers hired by the school board, the day each occasional teacher was placed on the roster, and a summary of each occasional teacher’s teaching experience. School boards are required to place the roster on their websites and must update their rosters regularly.

An occasional teacher may apply to be placed on the LTO list once s/he:

  • has been on the roster for at least ten months; AND
  • has taught as an occasional teacher with the school board for at least 20 days during a ten-month period. (Note: The ten-month period must have taken place sometime during the five years preceding the occasional teacher’s application to the LTO list.)

Like the roster, the LTO list is ranked based on seniority. School boards are required to place the LTO list on their websites and update the list regularly.

The regulation stipulates that only occasional teachers who have completed a minimum of one LTO assignment at least four months long, and have both the required qualifications and highest seniority ranking, can be considered for permanent positions.

When hiring for LTO and permanent positions school boards must:

  • honour any written agreement, including collective agreement language, that governs how teaching positions are offered to teachers whose positions with the board have been declared surplus or redundant; and
  • place notice of an available position on their websites for at least five weekdays.

Boards are required to interview five occasional teachers from the LTO list who have agreed to be interviewed, and who have both the required qualifications and the highest seniority ranking.

If the applicants who are interviewed decline the assignment, the board is required to advertise the position to occasional teachers on the LTO list and interview a selection of qualified candidates. If interviewed candidates decline the position, the board is required to advertise the position to occasional teachers on the roster and interview a selection of qualified candidates.

School boards must grant an interview for the LTO list to every occasional teacher on the roster who meets the conditions established in the regulation. Boards then determine, through a hiring process, which occasional teachers will be placed on the LTO list.

An unsuccessful candidate to the LTO list, a LTO assignment or a permanent position is entitled, on request, to meet with the individual or panel that conducted the interview to discuss her/his performance during the interview and how to improve her/his chance of being successful in future interviews.