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Advisories for members

ETFO issues advisories to members on various issues of concern, giving direction on government and agency initiatives. 
Members are advised not to complete the EQAO teacher questionnaire. 

Completion of EQAO Teacher Questionnaire: PDF | Word
Members are advised not to participate in any Primary Division (Grades 1-3), Junior Division (Grades 4-6), Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics or the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (Grade10) EQAO marking exercise. 

EQAO Marking: PDF | Word
Members are advised not to complete the EQAO voluntary training unless release time is provided.
Updated: 4/26/2022

EQAO Training: PDF | Word
Members are advised not to evaluate or report on the classroom practices of other members. 

Evaluating or Reporting on Classroom Practices of Other Members: PDF | Word

Definition and Procedure for Advisories


Member Advisory 



A Member Advisory is a position adopted by the Executive to provide its best advice to members about what to do and refrain from doing. 



A member Advisory responds to actions taken by the government, its arm’s length organizations, and school boards that have a negative impact on members or on public education. 



A Member Advisory shall be:

developed, approved, issued, and withdrawn by motion of the Executive.

reviewed by the Executive on an annual basis through a report from the general secretary and a determination be made to revise, rescind, or re-issue.

posted on the ETFO website, communicated to local presidents, and distributed through steward’s mailings. 



The status of the various Member Advisories, as determined by the Executive, will be reported to the Annual Meeting in the Supplementary Report of the General Secretary.



If members do not heed the advice provided by an advisory they will not be subject to discipline.