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Annual Learning Plan



Every year, in consultation with their principal, all teachers, other than new teachers, are legally required to prepare an Annual Learning Plan (ALP).  Both the principal and teacher must review and sign the ALP. Each retains a copy.

The Annual Learning Plan

On September 1, 2007, new regulations came into effect with regard to the Annual Learning Plan.

  • Starting with the school year commencing 2007, every board shall ensure that every teacher, other than a new teacher, employed by the board has a learning plan each year that includes the teacher’s professional growth objectives, proposed action plan, and timelines for achieving those objectives. O.Reg. 98/02, as amended.
  • Each year after the first year that a teacher has a learning plan, the teacher shall, in consultation with the appropriate principal:
    • Review the teacher’s learning plan from the previous year, the teacher’s learning and growth over the previous year, and the summative report of the teacher’s most recent performance appraisal under Part X.2 of the Act; and
    • Update the teacher’s learning plan for the purposes of the current year, if necessary, taking into account the results of the review under clause (a). O.Reg.98/02, as amended.
  • In an evaluation year for a teacher, the consultation required under subsection (2) must include a meeting between the teacher and the appropriate principal in the course of the teacher’s performance appraisal for the year under Part X.2 of the Act. O.Reg. 98/02, as amended.
  • In a year that is not an evaluation year for a teacher, a meeting is not required.  The teacher and the appropriate principal shall meet to discuss the learning plan for the year if either of them requests it. O.Reg. 98/02, as amended.
  • The teacher and the appropriate principal shall each sign the teacher’s learning plan for the year and each of them shall retain a copy. O.Reg. 98/02, as amended.

Tips for Completing the Annual Learning Plan

These tips have been designed to help you complete your ALP:

  • Make your plan an extension of the professional development you are already doing. This may come from the learning goals in your ETFO Professional Portfolio Tracking Template.
  • Your ALP should be teacher directed and teacher authored. The only role of the principal is to be consulted, and to sign your ALP.
  • Extra-curricular activities and community involvement should not be part of the ALP. These activities are not among the duties of teachers in the Education Act and regulations.
  • When selecting your learning objectives, think about the expectations already in place in your board, for example, early literacy. This objective should be broad-based to allow for flexibility and modification resulting from ongoing professional reflection or situational change.
  • When determining the professional activity to support each objective, be sure to consider your workload, personal obligations, and wellness.
  • Make June 30 the completion date for your ALP.
  • Go to the meeting with the principal with your ALP completed in draft form. Be prepared to take the lead and discuss the various aspects of your ALP, and how your professional growth objective is relevant to your work. If the principal doesn’t agree with your objective or will not sign the ALP, contact the federation as soon as possible.


Annual Learning Plan Template with Tips from ETFO.docAnnual Learning Plan Template with Tips from ETFO162 KB
Annual Learning Plan Template with Tips from ETFO.pdfAnnual Learning Plan Template with Tips from ETFO100 KB
TPA - ETFO Belief Statements.docxTPA - ETFO Belief Statements28 KB
TPA - ETFO Belief Statements.pdfTPA - ETFO Belief Statements89 KB

Notes re the ALP Template:
  • The ALP Template has been provided in PDF and Word formats. You should be able to fill in details in the editable fields, save the file and email it to your principal or print it out for submission.
  • Questions on using the template can be directed to The ETFO IT Department:

Members are advised to consult Professional Relations staff in Protective Services at 416-962-3836 or 1-888-838-3836 for additional advice.