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A New Mental Health Resource

The Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource

​On the  eve of Mental Illness Awareness Week 2018 ETFO announced the release of a free, online resource for educators called Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource. The resource can be accessed at:
This resource was co-developed over the past two years by School Mental Health ASSIST and ETFO.

It has been designed to provide K – 8 educators with evidence-based strategies to help develop the social and emotional learning skills of students in the following areas:

  • Stress Management and Coping Skills;
  • Emotion Identification Skills;
  • Positive Motivation Skills;
  • Relationship Skills;
  • Self Confidence and Identity Skills; and
  • Executive Functioning Skills.

These activities were informed and field tested by ETFO members. In addition ETFO members were involved in a research project to determine the efficacy of the activities.

ETFO would like to thank the many members who participated in the development of this resource. Please share the following flyer to help promote the website: PDF | Word.



Supporting conversations about anti-Black racism:

  1. Supporting The Mental Health And Well-Being Of Students Who Will Return To School Remotely
  2. Supporting Mentally Healthy Conversations About Anti-Black Racism With Students