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Social Justice Begins With Me

Social Justice Begins With Me poster

This is a new ETFO literature-based resource kit for Early Years to Grade 8 available in both PDF and Word format. This year-round resource builds on the concepts originally introduced in We're Erasing Prejudice for Good, and is organized using ten monthly themes: Self-Esteem, Sharing Our Lives, Peace, Building Supportive Communities, Rights of the Child, Caring Hands, Untie the Knots of Prejudice, Local and Global Citizenship, True Worth and Beauty, and Circles and Cycles.

Why Use this ETFO Resource?: PDF | Word

For more information, view the article (PDF | Word) and the curriculum insert (PDF | Word) from Voice magazine.

Social Justice Begins With Me is listed on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Registry of Resources for Safe and Inclusive Schools:

Suitcase vs. the CD Version

The kit comes in two different versions: as a suitcase or as a CD. Take a look at the chart in PDF or Word format for the similarities and differences between the two.

Book Club

You can view the ETFO book club page to access the facilitator's guide in both PDF and Word format.  

EWS Workshops

More information about a workshop is available in both PDF and Word formats.
Find out what members think about the workshop: PDF | Word

Order It!

The resource is available at shopETFO for $45 for the CD version, and $65 for the suitcase version.

For more information, please contact Adam Peer, extension 2239,, at the provincial office.

Book Lists

These book lists were posted on the ETFO website to make members aware of the picture books that are in this ETFO resource. They were developed and assembled by the following members: Jill Aoki-Barrett, Niagara; Lauren Chapple, Durham; and Emily-Hastings-Speck, Peel.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Content Editor

Ability-Disability booklist.docxAbility-Disability booklist25 KB
Anti-Semitism booklist.docxAnti-Semitism booklist23 KB
Bullying booklist.docxBullying booklist25 KB
Classism-Poverty booklist.docxClassism-Poverty booklist24 KB
Environment booklist.docxEnvironment booklist24 KB
Faith booklist.docxFaith booklist24 KB
First Nations, Metis, and Inuit booklist.docxFirst Nations, Metis, and Inuit booklist26 KB
Gender booklist.docxGender booklist25 KB
Human Rights booklist.docxHuman Rights booklist26 KB
Immigration booklist.docxImmigration booklist25 KB
LGBTQ booklist.docxLGBTQ booklist24 KB
Peace booklist.docxPeace booklist24 KB
Race booklist.docxRace booklist26 KB
Ability-Disability booklist.pdfAbility-Disability booklist591 KB
Anti-Semitism booklist.pdfAnti-Semitism booklist167 KB
Bullying booklist.pdfBullying booklist304 KB
Classism-Poverty booklist.pdfClassism-Poverty booklist425 KB
Environment booklist.pdfEnvironment booklist337 KB
Faith booklist.pdfFaith booklist251 KB
First Nations, Metis, and Inuit booklist.pdfFirst Nations, Metis, and Inuit booklist766 KB
Gender booklist.pdfGender booklist462 KB
Human Rights booklist.pdfHuman Rights booklist741 KB
Immigration booklist.pdfImmigration booklist374 KB
LGBTQ booklist.pdfLGBTQ booklist238 KB
Peace booklist.pdfPeace booklist380 KB
Race booklist.pdfRace booklist864 KB