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Part of ETFO's mission is to be a positive influence for change at a societal level. An important way we can do that is by learning, sharing and educating to stop all forms of hate, including antisemitism.

Antisemitism is a prime example of how religion can be racialized, evolving from religious bigotry (anti-Judaism) to racist bigotry and hatred (antisemitism). Like all forms of racism, antisemitism continues to evolve in multiple and new directions today in ways that no longer necessarily rely on overt references to blood, race, ethnicity, or nation. 

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (2013) defines antisemitism to include:

[l]atent or overt hostility or hatred directed towards, or discrimination against individual Jews or the Jewish people for reasons connected to their religion, ethnicity, and their cultural, historical, intellectual, and religious heritage. 


Antisemitism can take many forms, ranging from individual acts of discrimination, physical violence, vandalism, and hatred to more organized and systematic efforts to destroy entire communities and genocide. This longstanding form of creed-based prejudice and discrimination continues in Ontario today.