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United Social Justice Action

Collective action works and helps us to build a better world! 

That is why as part of the 2020 Annual Meeting, on August 18 and 19, 2020, delegates and members are asked to take part in a daily social justice action online. 

In 2018, we rallied and raised awareness about the Ford government’s attempt to roll back the Health and Physical Education curriculum to 1998 and we helped to stop it – we won! 

This year, as 83,000 educators strong, let’s take to social media to demand change in our public schools. 

On Wednesday, August 19, let’s publicly show that we, as elementary educators, will #ActAgainstRacism 

Join us starting at 10 a.m. EST to post, share, tweet and retweet on all your social media platforms

While there have been mass mobilizations and actions worldwide to draw attention to the various forms of anti-Black racism that plagues our communities, institutions and our world, real action is needed. We simply cannot let this moment of awareness fade. We each have a role to create change and push for systemic change within public our schools. Pledge your commitment to take action within public schools  

With our public posts and commitments, let us as elementary educators launch a new school year to be accountable to create change. Proudly we can collectively say that ETFO educators will act to push for systemic change in schools. 

Show your commitment to act to address and stop anti-Black racism on August 19. 

  1. Download the ETFO shareables, there are two versions or make your own sign or post a selfie.
  2. Write and post a message on your social media feed to publicly pledge and affirm your commitment to take action in our schools. Change can begin with us; we must not be silent or idle; it’s time to push for systemic change. 
  3. Include the hashtag #ActAgainstRacism in every post and clearly state why and/or how you will act against anti-Black racism this school year.

 #ActAgainstRacism Message

Download: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

#ActAgainstRacism Visual with Fist

Download: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

On Tuesday, August 18 collectively push to demand a #SafeSeptember. 

Join us starting at 10 a.m. EST to post, share, tweet and retweet on all your social media platforms. 

Three easy steps to join this action! 

  1. Download one of the ETFO shareables listed below. There are different options and visuals with the same demand – fix the back to school plan now!
  2. Write at least one post with the hashtag #SafeSeptember on your social media account. Our focus will be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

    a. Reminder that your post should be a personalized message or share a concern about why students and educators need a #SafeSeptember and what this must mean for our public schools. 

    b. For this action we are focusing on the call for smaller classes/cohorts to ensure physical distancing. Read the ETFO one-page resource below for messaging ideas. 
  3. Share, like and repost other messages that include #SafeSeptember. We can add political pressure by making the #SafeSeptember hashtag trend all day long with our collective messages! 

Looking for ETFO messaging on what’s necessary for a safe and healthy return to school? Read our one-pager: PDF | Word

#SafeSeptember Message

Download: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter  

#SafeSeptember Classroom Image 

Download: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

#SafeSeptember Student 1

Download: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

#SafeSeptember Student 2

Download: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

If you need any support or assistance with your social media posts please contact Denise Hammond, Executive Assistant, at