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Anti-Black Racism

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Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives

During the 2020 Annual Meeting, ETFO launched a social justice video titled, Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives.

This video features social justice activist Alejandra Bravo interviewing Sandy Hudson, founder of the Black Lives Matter movement presence in Canada and Black Lives Matter – Toronto, and Phillip Dwight Morgan, Toronto-based journalist, writer and activist.

It is a candid and powerful discussion focusing on a number of significant issues impacting Black lives. Defund police and police presence in schools are some of the topics explored in this dynamic and critical dialogue that asks each of us to move from a position of supporting Black Lives Matters as a movement towards a call to action.

Members have access to this video in the links below in 4 separate sections:

Part 1 – Centering Black Lives

Questions explored: 
What does it mean to fight for Black lives?
How could Canadian institutions be changed?

Part 2 – Why Defund Police

Questions explored:       
Where does the call to defund police come from?
How would it work in practice?

Part 3 – What is the Role of Schools?

Questions explored:      
What are some of the limitations of having police in schools?
How does it impact Black students?

Part 4 –Awareness, Action and Media

Questions explored:      
There’s so much focus on changing individual behaviours. Does this make a difference?
As the language of anti-racism become more mainstream, how do we ensure that it remains tied to actual structural change?