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Earth Day

April 22, 2021

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore our Earth. Says the Earth Day Network: “While the world waits for global political and business leaders to take decisive action to reduce carbon emissions, natural processes including reforestation and soil conservation can store massive amounts of carbon while restoring biodiversity, clean water and air and rebalancing ecological systems. Restoration is pragmatic and necessary to reduce climate change.”
For further information see, Earth Day or UN Mother Earth Day. Find Earth Day 2021 resources related to climate action at Earth Day in a Box. Find out how to take action at Earth Day Take Action.

Read the CBC’s What on Earth? newsletter on COVID-19 and climate action and this BBC article on the impact of coronavirus on the environment. ​Watch PBS Newshour’s video, As the world stays home, will the environment improve?
  • Challenge students to eat plant-based for one meal a day for a week to combat climate change.
  • Create a climate change advocacy group at your school.
  • Go on a virtual field trip that promotes environmental practices (i.e. earthship homes).
  • Go outside with the intention of celebrating the earth.
  • Plant a school or classroom community garden on school grounds.
  • Invite an environmental focused guest speaker into your classroom through Skype.
  • Challenge students to answer the question, What is the most serious environmental problem facing.
  • Earth today? in a special Earth Day Webquest.
  • Commit to changing one daily practice to reflect environmental change (e.g. banning single use plastics in the snack program).
  • Explore satellite evidence of climate change around the world by tracking water using Nasa satellite data.
  • Give students a “mystery box” of supplies and task them with creating a product that solves an environmental challenge. The assignment will encourage creativity, critical thinking, dialogue, and collaboration.