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Waste Reduction Week

October 16, 2021

Start Time: 2021-10-16 12:00 AM

End Time: 2021-10-25 12:00 AM

“Waste Reduction Week in Canada (WRW) is a year-round program, focused on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. The program’s primary purpose is to celebrate our environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions. The celebratory nature of the campaign is what motivates learning and behaviour change.” (

“While the overall theme of Waste Reduction Week in Canada is “Too Good to Waste”, the week is structured into seven distinct themes: Circular Economy & Kick Off, Textiles, E-Waste, Plastics, Food Waste, Sharing Economy and Swap & Repair. Participants have the option to support areas that are most important to them or learn about a new issue.” (

Find resources, information and activities for each of the theme days under the 2020 theme days tab on the Waste Reduction Week website.

For more information go to Waste Reduction Week in Canada. For educator resources on waste reduction go to School Resources and Green Action Centre.

  • How waste aware is your school? To find out conduct a waste assessment by completing the waste assessment form in the WRW School Resource Kit.
  • Find out in the Municipal Resource Kit what your community can be doing to reduce waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and going green.
  • Become a Young Reporter for the Environment (YRE) by investigating and reporting, through writing, video and photography, what your school is doing to reduce waste. Students aged 11 to 18 can enter their reporting in YRE Canada’s national environmental journalism competition.
  • Participate in one of this year’s virtual Plastic Bag Grab activities and challenge your classroom, school, or community to avoid single-use plastics for a whole week.
  • Learn about what your school and your family can do to safely keep battery waste out of landfills at call2recycle.
  • Do you know how much food gets wasted? To find out, take the food waste quiz.
  • Have your class do the Waste Free Lunch Challenge and challenge other classes in your school to take the waste free lunch challenge as well.