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ETFO calls on re-elected PC government to change its approach, invest in public education

June 03, 2022

TORONTO, ON – Following the re-election of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is ready to work with the provincial government and opposition parties, but will remain vigilant in its advocacy to protect public education and defend its members’ rights. 


“The Progressive Conservatives have been given another opportunity to govern. While the results are disappointing to Ontarians who did not support the PCs, we are calling on Premier Ford to change his government’s approach during this second term,” says ETFO President Karen Brown. “ETFO is ready to work with this government to improve public education, but we are also fully prepared to challenge it, when necessary, to secure the adequate funding, support and resources needed to ensure Ontario students have access to the high-quality, equitable public education they deserve.”


During the past four years, ETFO and other education unions and stakeholders have been excluded from crucial decisions affecting public education. In almost every instance, educators and the unions that represent them were the last to hear about education-related announcements. ETFO calls on the government to change its approach and to work with educators, unions, and other stakeholders to provide the support needed to ensure an equitable post-pandemic recovery. 


Notes Brown, “Despite the difficulties and challenges faced during the past four years, ETFO members stand strong. We are ready to work with the government and opposition parties to ensure our public schools receive the investments and support they need. It is our sincere hope that Members of Provincial Parliament from all parties work together during the next four years to lower class sizes, increase special education supports, and ensure safe and healthy schools.” 


ETFO will continue to advocate for investments needed to maintain Ontario’s high-quality public education system. We will work with all parties and education stakeholders to maintain the instructional excellence and curriculum initiatives that best prepare students for a bright and equitable future. 


ETFO will also stand up for the rights of workers and the human rights of all people, both of which have been eroded by recent governments. Adds Brown, “Together, we can ensure a public education system that supports, uplifts, and celebrates every student. Let’s get that done.” 


ETFO represents approximately 83,000 members, including public elementary teachers, occasional teachers, designated early childhood educators, education support personnel, and professional support personnel. Visit