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Joint Statement: Ontario College of Teachers Fee Increase

January 16, 2023

The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Governing Council, at its December 8, 2022 meeting, approved its 2023 budget including a membership fee increase from $170 to $200 per member.

As the stakeholders who represent the teachers of Ontario in the publicly funded education system (who are also the majority of the College’s membership), OTF and its Affiliates stand in defense of our members who will feel the burden of this indefensible fee increase.

We call on the OCT to reverse its 2023 fee increase and to find better, more accountable, and cost-effective ways to carry out its mandate.

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation and its Affiliates strongly oppose this outrageous and indefensible 17.64% membership fee increase. This stark fee increase comes as our members, like many Canadians, are facing the challenges of inflation and a higher cost of living.

Joint Statement: Ontario College of Teachers Fee Increase