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Regulation 274 Study Affirms Intent of Fair, Equitable Hiring Practices for Teachers

November 21, 2014

A fact-finder's study conducted for the Ontario Ministry of Education has confirmed that Ontario Regulation 274 is creating more fair and equitable hiring practices for long-term occasional and new permanent teaching positions. 


The regulation was introduced in 2012 to establish consistent hiring practices for occasional and new permanent teachers in all Ontario school boards. The study, Ontario Regulation 274, documented the challenges of implementing the regulation and its effects on hiring with information provided by school boards and other education stakeholders, including the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO).  
 See to view the study.   


"Regulation 274 was developed by the government to ensure that the hiring of occasional and new permanent teachers is conducted with increased transparency, fairness, consistency and accountability by every school board," said ETFO President Sam Hammond. "While some procedures still need to be refined, this study confirms that the regulation is doing what it set out to do."


The fact-finder's study cites recognition by both school board and union representatives that more applicants are getting interviewed and their qualifications are being fairly appraised for each teaching position. Under the new process, school boards must maintain a long-term occasional teachers' list, post notice of positions and interview the five most senior, qualified applicants from that list.


"Both the regulation and the study put a much-needed focus on our occasional and long-term occasional teachers," said President Hammond.


"We hear on an ongoing basis from our occasional teacher members that some school boards are not complying with the fair hiring practices established by Regulation 274," continued President Hammond. "That is of concern to ETFO. Qualifications and experience—not connections—should be the prime consideration when hiring for teaching positions. Regulation 274 mandates a transparent hiring process that provides qualified teachers with an equal chance for employment. We look forward to engaging in further discussions at the bargaining table to address our areas of concern, and to ensure the requirement to maintain a fair and objective hiring practice is strengthened."


The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario represents 76,000 elementary public school teachers and education professionals across the province and is the largest teacher federation in Canada.