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Respond and Rebuild: ETFO Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy Lessons (CRRP)

January 21, 2022

About this Resource 

Understanding the interconnected nature of social categories and identifying the interdependent system of disadvantage that results acts as the catalyst for courageous conversations in the learning environment. 

There are four agreements suggested by Glenn E. Singleton that guide educators, students and community stakeholders to take part in courageous conversations: 

  • Stay engaged; 
  • Expect to experience discomfort; 
  • Speak your truth; and 
  • Expect and accept a lack of closure. 

Tackling anti-oppression and the intersectionality of the global community requires a brave space for learners to share their ideas, beliefs, values and lived experiences. Creating brave spaces invites learners to approach courageous conversations with honesty, sensitivity and respect, with an aim for a deeper understanding in their role in a call to action. 

This collection of lessons allows educators and learners to understand bias as they develop their critical lens and combat the status quo. Each lesson outlines specific learning opportunities connected to the three tenets of CRRP.

  • Introduction to CRRP and Blackline Master
  • Junior Division and Junior Blackline Masters
  • Primary and Primary Blackline Masters
  • Intermediate and Intermediate Blackline Masters
  • Kindergarten and Kindergarten Blackline Masters
  • The CRRP Lessons writing team