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For Occasional Teachers



Cover: I Am The TeacherI Am the Teacher – Classroom Management for the Occasional Teacher Resource

Experienced practitioners show you how to establish an effective presence in the classroom and school, connect appropriately with students, and establish routines and procedures.

This resource for occasional teachers outlines student expectations, classroom and behavior management techniques, and useful instructional practices. To purchase a copy please visit ShopETFO.

Cover: The Occasion to LeadThe Occasion To Lead: A Resource Guide for Occasional Teachers

Written by occasional teachers for occasional teachers, The Occasion to Lead  is a must-have resource that will provide you with hands-on knowledge about everything you would ever want or need to know about our profession. 

Recent graduates, seasoned occasional teachers, and recently retired permanent teachers who have begun ‘supply’ teaching will find the handbook to be extremely supportive of this unique, demanding, and flexible profession.

Note: This resource is no longer available on this website. You can request the resource by sending an email to:

Part 1: Governance Overview (1386 KB)

  • Introduction: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Teachers’ Federations and Organizations
  • Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario
    Beyond ETFO—Other Important Organizations
  • Your Local and You
  • Workplace Issues
  • Important Addresses
  • Governance Bibliography

Part 2: Professionalism (1730 KB)

  • Introduction: Achieving High Professional Standards
  • Workplace Professionalism
  • Professional Development
  • The Job Search
  • Ontario Faculties of Education
  • Professional Resources
  • Professionalism Bibliography

Part 3: Head of The Class: Making It Work (3520 KB)

  • Introduction
  • Successful Classroom Management
  • Creating a Positive Environment
  • Effective Discipline
  • Learning Styles
  • In-A-Jiffy Learning Opportunities
  • Emergency Lesson Plans and Activities
  • Media
  • Bubbles
  • Physical Education Activities
  • Music
  • French Activities
  • C’est ton tour – Primary/Junior FSL Activities
  • French Instruction Internet Sites
  • Reproducibles
  • French Reproducibles
  • Making it Work!
  • Bibliography and Resources

Cover: The Heart and Art of Teaching and LearningThe Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning

The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning is a book that is full of practical tips for beginning teachers on: setting up your classroom, classroom management, building inclusion, working with parents, meeting diverse learning needs, and occasional teaching.

The Heart and Art blog is written by educators like you who are living the heart and art of teaching and learning with students every day. Stop by often to see what's new and to share your learning journey with our team of bloggers.

The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning: Practical Ideas and Resources for Beginning Teachers

  • Introduction
  • The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning – Themes of Success
  • Before School Starts
  • Building Inclusion – Practical Ideas for the First Hours/Days/Weeks of School
  • Building Effective Classrooms – Ideas, Tips, and Strategies for Classroom Management
  • Communicating with Parents and Guardians
  • Meeting Diverse Learning Needs
  • Preparing for or Being an Occasional Teacher
  • Continuing Your Professional Learning and Growth
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A Member's Guide to Employment Insurance

This resource addresses a number of issues pertaining to employment insurance including:

  • eligibility requirements,
  • applying for benefits,
  • regular EI benefits,​
  • looking for work,
  • allowable earnings,
  • quitting or being fired,
  • special benefits, and
  • types of contracts.

A Member's Guide to Employment Insurance​