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Looking for a resource to help unpack white privilege and racism?

The PDF booklet Re-Think, Re-Connect, Re-Imagine is an extension of ETFO’s White Privilege project which includes a White Privilege workshop for educators. The resource offers reflections and concrete suggestions for grappling with the issues of privilege and racism in our practice as educators.  It is also available through shopETFO.

White Privilege Lesson Plans

As an extension to the Re-Think, Re-Connect, Re-Imagine booklet, lesson plans have been developed for the primary, junior and intermediate grades. 

A variety of engaging lessons that align with the four sections of the booklet—Myself, My Classroom, My School and My Community—are free to members.

To access ETFO’s White Privilege lesson plans for elementary students please email your name, ETFO number and a non-school board Outlook email account to: