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ETFO Action on Violence in Schools

ETFO is pursuing a multi-year strategy for addressing violence in schools that includes:

  • Lobbying the Ministries of Education and Labour to address violent incidents in schools and improve school board compliance with health and safety legislation;
  • Working with Ministry and school board representatives to improve workplace violence reporting and compliance procedures and develop training materials;
  • Building community advocacy to press the government to review its education funding formula and provide more funding for special education and support for students with high risk behaviors; and
  • Providing ETFO locals and members with enhanced education, training and resources on dealing with workplace violence.

ETFO Resources

VIDEOS: ETFO has produced a three-part video series for members on dealing with workplace violence. Please share the videos widely!

1. ETFO Takes Action on Violence in Schools

ETFO’s new 2:56 minute video for locals and members outlines reporting procedures for violence in schools and provides an important introduction on the legal requirements for reporting a violent incident. For more information, please visit


2. Risk Assessment and Safety Plans

The second video in ETFO's three-part series on workplace violence focuses on how the risks of violence are controlled in schools.


3. Violence - Workplace Injury and Illness

The third and final video in ETFO's three-part series on workplace violence focuses on violence-related workplace injuries and illnesses and the important steps that members must take when they occur.


BROCHURE: This handy brochure outlines members’ rights to a safe workplace, health and safety legal and policy requirements, and responsibilities of members, school boards and principals concerning workplace violent incidents

POSTER: Download this 11 x 17” poster which summarizes information contained in the above brochure

WALLET CARD: Download this wallet card that is a handy reference for members regarding their duty to report workplace violence, the steps they need to know about reporting violent incidents and their right to refuse unsafe work

Learn more about dealing with workplace violence, workplace harassment and serious student incidents in schools and workplaces at