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Update Member Information Form

By providing your personal information to your union, you consent that ETFO may contact you to provide informative and useful content, updates, resources, announcements and news that are relevant to you as a union member. ETFO respects your privacy, continuously works to protect it and takes all reasonable steps to develop and maintain security measures to meet industry standards.  ETFO will only use your personal information for the union's purposes. We will never sell your information to others, and we do not divulge it to unauthorized agencies or persons.

Update Member Information

Your ETFO ID number is listed on the front of your membership card beneath your name. If you do not have your membership card, please type unknown.
Member self-identification allows ETFO to achieve a critical goal: supporting and encouraging the participation of all members in ETFO programs, services, and events. By completing this section, ETFO will be able to undertake the necessary statistical analysis to achieve this goal. All information collected and the reporting of statistical data will ensure full confidentiality of all members. Although the completion of this section is voluntary, ETFO encourages members to self-identify.
Outreach includes direct mail and other targeted communications related to ETFO programs, focus groups, writing groups, and standing committees.