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Humanity Fund

ETFO Humanity Fund Board of Directors

The Humanity Fund Board is responsible for approving donations to charities who apply for funding. The board usually meets twice a year to consider applications for funds. The term of office of member-directors is two years, renewable for a further two years.

ETFO Humanity Fund

The ETFO Humanity Fund uses the resources of ETFO members to support children and their teachers around the world, enriching their lives and the lives of their communities. The ETFO Humanity Fund was established in 2003. Since that time it has made donations to numerous charities that support its mission statement. 

Under its supplementary letters patent, the ETFO Humanity Fund is charged with the following responsibilities: 

a) to promote the advancement of elementary education of children in Canada and elsewhere and in particular, without limiting the foregoing, by: 

  1. establishing, supporting and maintaining schools for children in developing nations and supporting teachers’ development and education in developing nations; 

  2. developing and supporting literacy in Canada and in developing nations; and 

  1.  providing scholarships and instructional resources to teachers in developing nations; 

b) to provide financial and material relief for suffering arising out of natural disasters or sudden catastrophes, including flood, earthquakes, famines, pestilence, war or any other large scale emergency; and 

c) to relieve poverty and physical need in Canada and elsewhere by providing food and other basic supplies to children in need. 

Charities interested in requesting a donation from the ETFO Humanity Fund should complete the ETFO Humanity Fund Application form. Any supplementary material or questions can be directed to 

The ETFO Humanity Fund can only support registered Canadian charities. ETFO Humanity Fund applications are due April 15 and October 15, annually.