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Membership Categories

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has approximately 83,000 members. These members fall into the following categories:

  • Teacher Member
  • Occasional Teacher Member
  • Professional Support Personnel
  • Education Support Personnel
  • Designated Early Childhood Educator
  • Associate Member
  • Honorary Life Member

Of the total membership 73 percent are Teacher Members and 26 percent are Occasional Teacher Members, with the remaining categories comprising one percent of the total membership.

Associate Membership

An individual can apply to become an Associate Member of ETFO. Applications are accepted from the following groups of people:

  • members of other affiliates of OTF;
  • teachers or Native language instructors employed in private schools, provincial schools, federal government schools, First Nation or Council schools;
  • employees of the Federation or locals;
  • teachers employed at a college or university;
  • former members or persons engaged in a professional capacity related to education;
  • former members in good standing who are currently not employed by a school board;
  • former members in good standing who have been declared redundant and are not employed by a school board (this membership shall only be held for two years);
  • former members who were on LTD and whose contract with an employer has been terminated (this membership shall only be held for two years);
  • exchange teachers employed as an elementary teacher by a public school board;
  • retired members who were members of the Federation or its predecessors; and
  • students attending a teacher education institution in Ontario.

Associate Members receive Federation publications and may serve—by invitation—on task forces, committees, and work groups. They may also—by invitation—attend Federation functions such as Annual Meeting in a non-voting capacity.

Application Form

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