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The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education in Canada's K-12 Schools

The Every Teacher Project is a national research study that was carried out by the University of Winnipeg in partnership with the Manitoba Teachers Society (MTS). Every teacher organization in Canada assisted the researchers and project partners in getting the word out about the initial online survey, where over 3,400 teachers from across Canada participated in the largest study to date worldwide on teachers' perspectives on LGBTQ-inclusive education.

The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education in Canada's K-12 Schools Final Report can be found here in English and French.

The researchers met with teacher organizations in Ottawa to strike a working group of organizational delegates from across Canada. Virtually every teacher organization including ETFO supported the project through in-kind services.

The every teacher project

An accompanying Toolkit was developed to be used by teachers, teacher organizations and other individuals and organizations concerned with inclusive education. The Toolkit features recommendations at different levels of the school system. The Toolkit is not intended to be a curriculum resource or Gay Straight or Gender/Sexuality Alliance (GSA) manual, but rather to help advocate for LGBTQ inclusion within the school system.

The main body of the Toolkit is divided into sections, one for each level of the school system:

  • Teacher Organizations
  • Government (provincial/territorial ministries/departments of education)
  • School Districts/Divisions
  • School Leaders
  • Faculties of Education and B.Ed. Programs
  • All School System Employers
  • Religiously Affiliated Schools/Districts And OrganizationsThe every project other


The Toolkit also includes a glossary of terms and several appendices for individuals who are new to LGBTQ-inclusive education or who work in a context where it is still a new concept. The Toolkit could function as a Where do I start? or Where can I turn? guide for educators who are experiencing a hostile climate in their workplaces based on their actual or perceived LGBTQ identity or because they have advocated for or practiced LGBTQ-inclusive education. There is also a How can I support trans* students guide and a Workshop Facilitator's Guide that can be used to conduct workshops or training on how to use the Toolkit.

There are also four additional sections focused on working to provide LGBTQ-inclusive education in particular contexts: Advice for Indigenous Contexts; Advice for Religious Contexts; Advice for Rural, Remote, and Northern Contexts and Advice for Early-years Educators.

There is an extensive Supporting Resources appendix that provides information and lists available resources, including materials referred to earlier in the Toolkit, and in some cases, the documents themselves. 

For example, we include examples of model policies and legislation, links to online resources, and information on how to acquire other resources.

To access the Toolkit, click here.