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2SLGBTQ Education Timeline

For the 2014 WorldPride, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA) and Pride Toronto collaborated on the LGBTQ Education Timeline poster. The poster was initially created to show the historical changes in LGBTQ education and issues in Canada.Education Timeline

In 2016, the CLGA and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) collaborated to revise and update the LGBTQ Education Timeline poster and create an accompanying booklet. ETFO members and staff and CLGA volunteers and staff compiled historical news clips and data from the CLGA’s collection of LGBTQ archival materials. This information was used to create the latest version of the LGBTQ Education Timeline. It is hoped that educators will use the poster and booklet to increase their own awareness and understanding about important milestones in LGBTQ education. Educators will be able to use this resource with their students to learn about LGBTQ history, communities and education. This knowledge will only add to the other sources of information that they use in their classrooms to create safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for everyone. 

A limited number of booklets will be printed. The resource is available online on both the ETFO and CLGA websites.

Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexuality Diversity (CCGSD) BIPOC Timeline

Recently, the CCGSD has released a historical timeline of Queer Transgender Black and Indigenous People of Colour here in Canada. One of the first of it’s kind, this timeline reference provides an inclusive timeline of valuable contributions to Canadian society.