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ETFO Action on Anti-Black Racism

The logo for ETFO's anti-Black racism strategy. It is a Yellow silhouette of Africa with black and white stripes radiating from it in a spiral form. There are words below it that say "The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario demands that the Human Rights of Peopel of African Descent be protected.


In declaring the International Decade for People of African Descent from 2015-2024, the United Nations (UN) recognized "that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected."

ETFO is a union committed to social justice, equity and inclusion. Given the legacy and current prevalence of anti-Black racism in colonial systems, institutions and society that groups like Black Live Matters have brought to light, ETFO is committed to creating policies, professional learning and curriculum resources that protect and support the equality and rights of Black people. Public advocacy is also an important aspect of ETFO's work in this area.

ETFO will continue to develop curriculum resources that explore Black history, culture, identity and current day realities of racism and discrimination in a respectful and reflective manner and that celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians to our country.

ETFO Action on Anti-Black Racism - Building an Inclusive School Workplace and Union

ETFO’s Anti-Black Racism Strategy is focused on creating systemic changes to confront anti-Black racism and provide a more welcoming and inclusive union environment for Black members at provincial and local levels. Given the legacy and current prevalence of anti-Black racism in colonial systems, institutions and society, ETFO Action on Anti-Black Racism -  Building an Inclusive School Workplace and Union brochure provides information on what anti-Black racism is, ETFO’s anti-Black racism strategy and how to be an ally.

Brochure: ETFO Action on Anti-Black Racism - Building an Inclusive School Workplace and Union


  • United Nations Website: International Decade for People of African Descent. This site features resources and materials that include historical information, relevant UN documents and videos that may be age-appropriate for upper elementary grades.
  • ETFO's 365 Black Canadian Curriculum. This curriculum is part of a compilation of equity resources for elementary educators which support Black Canadian history in Ontario schools on a daily basis.
  • ETFO's Black Canadian Calendar. The individuals represented on the calendar offer a glimpse into the historical and contemporary political and societal realities faced by Black Canadians. It is both a celebration and acknowledgement of a fraction of the contributions and impact Black Canadians have had to help shape Canada to be the nation it is today.
  • Black History Month - February. Black History Month exists to remind us all of the rich contributions within our society from people of African and Caribbean decent, and of their ongoing struggle for equity and social justice. ETFO encourages the focus on Black history all year as an integral part of learning about Canadian history and current issues. The web page features resources, events and helpful websites in support of teaching and learning about African Canadian issues.

ETFO members can log into ETFO Secure for more information on workshops in their locals.

  • Re-Thinking White Privilege Workshop. This workshop takes an exploratory look at White privilege and builds awareness and understanding of what educators can do to re-think their own privilege. Opportunities will be provided to enter into professional dialogue and conversations about White privilege and other forms of privilege. Educators will examine what can be done to address privilege in themselves and their classrooms. 
  • 365 ETFO Black Canadian Curriculum & Calendar Workshop. This practical and timely workshop provides resources and supports for educators to deliver primary, junior and intermediate curriculum, which outlines the contributions, struggles and lived experiences of Black Canadians.  The 365 ETFO Black Canadian Curriculum resource supports the inclusion of Black Canadians into classroom and teaching practice every day of the year. The workshop balances history and research with ongoing reflection, application and collaboration to help educators make intentional, purposeful and positive decisions in the classroom, while inspiring students to succeed.

This year due to COVID-19 public health restrictions the following workshops are available: Equity Workshops 2020-2021. Follow the link for more information on running a workshop in your local.